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4x4 and Off Road Motorhome
Majestic Motorhomes can custom Build your choice of 4x4 vehicle into a motorhome tailor made for your off road adventures. We can take an existing vehicle such as  this former workhorse Isuzu truck and turn it into an off road motorhome to take you anywhere. Lyle, Nicole and the team converted this Isuzu truck into an off-road motor home purpose built for outback travel. A relatively inexpensive conversion, the team made use of the existing structure to save cost and fitted this out with doors, windows and of course an interior space tailored to the customers exact requirements.

For a serious off road 4x4 motorhome, we can take a brand new 4x4 vehicle of your choice and deck it out with everything you need to tackle the roughest country Australia has to offer. We can:
  1. Lift the roof so you can stand up inside
  2. Install kitchen, living areas and sleeping solutions
  3. Create a matched custom trailer to tow your extra toys (Motorbikes, boats etc)
We can convert a smaller 4x4 into a motorhome for individual or couples or we can convert specialised 4x4 trucks for a tribe of adventurers, special purpose businesses, tour companies or people who want a bit more living space and have very specific ideas about how this should work.

No mater what your situation, if you want something that can not be brought off the shelf, please contact Nicole or Lyle for a chat. There is no one with more experience when it comes to building your dream 4x4 motorhome for you - If nothing else, we might be able to give you some great ideas.

If you are looking to give an existing truck a new lease on life or would prefer a brand new build, Majestic Motorhomes can create self-contained accommodation in wherever you have for them to work with.

Contact Lyle or Nicole today for an obligation free chat!

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