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Anthony and Bron Testimonial

Bron & I needed professional attention to our beloved Winnebago for body service, maintenance, insurance work and general repairs required after long trips and/or just age (the motorhome not us).
Lyle, Nicole and staff at Majestic Motorhomes we found to be family friendly, interested in us and our RV, as well as very competent and proactive in problem solving.
As we treat our RV as a valuable asset, we found pricing and attention to detail important and acceptable, and we believe “you pay peanuts you get monkeys”.
They are an RV asset to the South Coast NSW.

Cheers & Regards
Anthony & Bron

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Phil Testimonial


Hi Nicole.
great trip home.

Thank you to Lyle and the team at Majestic motor homes for the great result . we are extremely pleased with the door and step . it turned out better than our expectations, again many thanks.

Kind regards Phil.

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Hi Lyle & Nicole,

I would like to Thank you both for all your hard work and effort in getting my truck done on time.
Everything has been done to perfection and both Mum and I are extremely happy.
We went to Canberra on the weekend and were so pleased with all the adjustments. The shower is actually better now than before so Lyle there was nothing to worry about there. The pressure is fine and so nice to be able to now shut the door and water not go everywhere!
And the TV reception was amazing and better than what I can get at home. We even had numerous people come and ask us about the Aerial and how good it was.
Everything was so easy to use and I can not Thank you enough for all your help.
We are now all set up for the upcoming shows and I am looking forward to being able to use all our new gear again soon.

Sarah D

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We are in Perth and the Gipsy trailer that we had built got us there from
Brisbane without a problem.

We never even had to re-tighten or adjust a thing. The trailer handles like a dream even in city traffic, it follows the bus like it was on a track. I am so happy that I have a rear camera on it as I would never know it was there!
Thank you Majestic Motorhomes for bending over backwards to make this happen as it was a big ask on my part.
The Gipsy 3000 trailer can handle the load!

Thank you

Patrick and Charmaine

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“I have known Lyle for two years and in my capacity as a mechanical engineer and recent customer, I have no hesitation in offering an excellent reference to his professional vehicle bodybuilding workmanship.
I first approached Lyle with respect to constructing an “A” class motorhome in January 2008 on my first visit was able to see the first of the Man A91 Rolling chassis being built into a motorhome and to also see the conversion of older coaches under way. I was very impressed with all the aspects of engineering design, physical construction and Lyle’s serious attention to detail. Consequently I placed an order for my own motorhome which was completed in December 2009.
The workmanship seen in Majestic Motorhomes workshop is first rate and I would suggest that Lyle coach building skills are as good as it gets in Australia
Please feel free to contact me if further information is required”

Keith Dunlop

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“During 2006 my wife and I undertook to convert a small school bus into a motorhome to fit into our holiday retirement plans.
I approached Majestic Motorhomes of Bega to completely re-skin the vehicle. The company’s approach was business like and professional. After the reconstruction, the vehicle looked better than expected.
I had little knowledge of the extend of their vehicle conversion and expertise prior to enaging them to work on our project.
During the six months Lyle and his team worked on the vehicleI was always made to feel welcome at the workshop and several times was priviliged to work along side his staff.
His communications with me was excellent and any nagging question I pondered over at night were quickly addressed in a professional manor the next day. Lyle was also happy to be contacted after business hours.
The project was completed in October 2006 and the vehicle looked spectacular. Lyle’s expertise and knowledge of metal fabrication, engineering and vehicle painting was certainly evident in the finished product.
I have and will continue to recommend Majestic Motorhomes to any future client and wish the company well in any new business venture.”

Roger and Kerryn Risk
Wanniassa ACT

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“As we are planning to travel, we decided to purchase a bus and convert it into a motorhome. To this end we approached Majestic Motorhomesfor information, and were pleasantly surprised by both Lyle and Nicole Harris’ interest and assistance. On seeing the quality of their work we promptly decided to have Majestic Motorhomesdo the conversion for us. We have been dealing with them over the past 12 months, and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are totally professional on all levels. We are very satisfied with all aspects of their business and would not hesitate to refer them to anyone in the future. Yours sincerely,”

Les and Fay Macnee
Merimbula NSW



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Testimonial 2

Hi Nicole, Lyle and Sean

We are sitting in our motor home at Canberra. Weather very crisp but we are
warm, cosy and comfortable sitting at our much improved table, watching our
front, fixed tv. Went to bed last night and watched our second tv in total relaxed mode.
The hatch has enabled us to store food stuff underneath, that
was previously spread around the floor. Total enjoyment. We’re now ready for
the big trip.

Many thanks for your professional overhaul on our motor home.

Regards Kath and Bryan Campbell

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Thumbs up to Majestic Motorhomes

Thumbs up to Majestic Motorhomes

Last year we bought an almost new VW Crafter Motorhome. It’s a nice vehicle but the one window in the back which should open doesn’t due to the placement of the shower/toilet. We had previously had some work done on our old motorhome by Majestic Motorhomes in Frog’s Hollow. They did a wonderful job so we asked them to put opening windows in our new vehicle. As expected Majestic did a fantastic job and the windows look great, as do the extra shelves we asked them to put in. However, when we got home we noticed a small chip in one of the new windows. From the position of the chip you could see that it was most unlikely to have happened on the way home. As soon as Lyle at Majestic saw the chip he agreed to replace the window. There was no arguing. He was very embarrassed that they hadn’t noticed the chip before it left there. He sent for a replacement window and not only that, he and his lovely wife, Nicole, drove to our home, about 30 ks away to collect the vehicle. They took as much care with our little motorhome as they do with the luxury motorhomes they specialise in. In this day and age when few people want to take responsibility for their actions we think Majestic should be congratulated on their professional work and conduct.  Thanks Nicole and Lyle.

June and Helmet Weiks

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